Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Wish The Day Was Over!

Tonight Lucy and I will be making our way back to Oregon! I am so excited to see my family but I hate flying with a baby! I have done it many times and its not that its hard..I just worry all the time. We are taking a red eye so that way Lucy will sleep the entire time..and hopefully I will get a little..I normally don't but we will see! Once I get to Oregon tomorrow morning (4 o'clock Hawaii time..yikes) I am gonna hit the mall and go shopping! Kauai has no stores at its mall..just a Macy's so I haven't been shopping in such a long time! And then I am going to surprise my niece Kinsley at her preschool and pick her up..she is so in love with Lucy and I cant wait to see the look on her face when she sees her! Later tomorrow evening we will be going to Kinsley's preschool graduation and then dinner afterwards to celebrate her graduation and my nephews 2nd birthday which is Thursday. So much to do tomorrow and I am going to be sooooo tired but I CANT WAIT!!!!!!

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!


salme said...

Hope everything went well.

Annie Fiskateer #1326/SCDT member said...

Hope all goes well for you and the family. Congrats to Kinsley! Happy Birthday to your nephew! Try to get some rest soon!